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Farang Bar is an institution. If you've ever travelled through Chumphon, chances are you've been here before - whether it was to book travel tickets, spend the night in our highly convenient, low-cost rooms, to enjoy the delicious food, or simply to sink a cold beer on a hot day.
We are now under new (farang) management, and better than ever.  If you haven't been here for a while, now is a great time to pay us a visit.


I must admit that the famous Farang Bar Massaman Curry went down in standard after some changes in kitchen crew. Although the new cook's Green curry is to die for. Very kindly, our former chef came back and gave a Massaman Masterclass. Our current chef is not only very beautiful but very talented. All of her food is fantastic...

Hi Guys,
WELCOME. The wind has definitely turned North East and with it comes big waves and rain. Strangely, it also brings more custom. Each year, the monsoon marks the beginning of our busy time of year. For the next four or five months we may even have a bit of fun in the bar sometimes...you never know...

Due to circumstances completely within our control, we are not forced to be closed for business this Saturday, 27 July 2013.
We will, however be closed, because we want to be.
Our wonderful staff deserve some full-paid time off. We've all been pulling quite a few extra shifts in the last few weeks and can't be bothered to come to...

Anybody travelling through Chumphon at the moment might think we've gone away. We haven't - we're here but taking time to relax a bit. The Farang Bar is open for business as usual but we might be doing a bit of painting and decorating and general maintenance while we get the chance.

The Farang Bar is wishing everybody a very happy Songkran Festival. We will be closed for business for 2 days 13/14 April 2013.
The owner will be wet on the beach at Sairee, Koh Tao.
Perhaps more interestingly, the girls will be wet on the beach at Thung Wua Laen, Chumphon.


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69/36 Thatapao Road,
Chumphon, Thailand

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